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The Immortal Mitochondria: Our Health, Life, and Longevity is Electronic
Does Aging Stop?
Molecular Aspects of Aging: Understanding Lung Aging
Aging<br />
From Fundamental Biology to Societal Impact
Molecular, Cellular, and Metabolic Fundamentals of Human Aging
Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old
Molecular Basis of Nutrition and Aging
Discovering the Nature of Longevity: Restoring the heart and body by targeting hidden stress
How We Age: The Science of Longevity
The Cellular Wellness Solution
Longevity Unlocked: Golden Rules for Aging Well, Living Longer, and Embracing a Healthy Aesthetic of Life
Unaging by Robert P. Friedland
Physical Change and Aging: A Guide for the Helping Professions
Molecular Biology of Aging
Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging
Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life
The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger
Longevity...Simplified: Living A Longer, Healthier Life
15 Ways to Live Longer and Healthier: Life-Changing Strategies for Greater Energy, a More Focused Mind, and a Calmer Soul
Radical Longevity: The Powerful Plan to Sharpen Your Brain, Strengthen Your Body, and Reverse the Symptoms of Aging
Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan for Healing Faster, Feeling Better, and Thriving at Any Age
Over 80: Reflections on Aging
Ikaria: Lessons on Food, Life, and Longevity from the Greek Island Where People Forget to Die: A Cookbook
Anti-Aging Dishes from Around the World
The Longevity Diet: Slow Aging, Fight Disease
Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity
I’m Done Aging for Good: How to Live Long and Healthy with an Age Reversing Diet
How Not to Age: The Scientific Approach to Getting Healthier as You Get Older
Younger You: Reduce Your Bio Age and Live Longer, Better
Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aging
The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time
The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality
Neo.Life: 25 Visions for the Future of Our Species
The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments: Health Secrets & Little-Known Therapies for Specific Health Conditions from A-to-Z
The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology AND The Human Touch
Human Biological Aging From Macromolecules To Organ
The Anti-Aging Solution: 5 Simple Steps to Looking and Feeling Young
The Switch: Ignite Your Metabolism with Intermittent Fasting, Protein Cycling, and Keto
George W. Carey Works (3 Books in 1): The Chemistry of Human Life & The Tree of Life & The Wonders of the Human Body
The Longevity Diet: The Only Proven Way to Slow the Aging Process and Maintain Peak Vitality Through Caloric Restriction
The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age
Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don't Have To
Long for This World: The Strange Science of Immortality
Molecular Nutrition Vitamins
How To Reverse Aging: A Comprehensive Guide To Copper Peptides

Here, you can find information on the most recent publications covering essential and exciting news on scientific achievements in all aspects of longevity and well-being.



Longevity 101: The Ultimate Healthspan & Lifespan Guide

Longevity and Rejuvenation for Beginners

How To Slow Down Aging – A Guide

New year – longer life? What longevity has to offer in 2024

Human Aging and Age-Related Diseases: From Underlying Mechanisms to Pro-Longevity Interventions

70 Is Indeed the New 60, Study Suggests

Telomerase-restoring molecule reverses hallmarks of aging

Anti-aging molecule successfully restores multiple markers of youth

Molecular mechanisms of aging and anti-aging strategies

Epigenetic biomarkers in aging and longevity: Current and future application

Scientist Proposes a New Universal Law of Biology That May Explain Aging

Molecular mechanisms of aging and anti-aging strategies

A complex systems approach to aging biology

Hacking the immune system could slow ageing — here’s how

NMR metabolomic modeling of age and lifespan: A multicohort analysis

Aging like fine wine: Mischievous microbes and other factors influencing senescence

Targeting aging is good for the economy

US government targets osteoarthritis reversal and on-demand organ bioprinting

Telomere Length Is a Driving Hallmark for Aging-Related Biochemical Hallmarks: Evidence From the Shared Genetic Effect and Causal Inference

Exploring 2024’s Top 5 Breakthroughs in Longevity Advancements

Scientists can tell how fast you’re aging. Now, the trick is to slow it down

Exploring Juventology: Unlocking the Secrets of Youthspan and Longevity Programs

Learning biology to understand longevity

The Future of Longevity: The Battle Against Human Aging

The age of the longevity economy

At the Human Longevity Lab, studying methods to slow or reverse aging

The molecular mechanism of aging and the role in neurodegenerative diseases

Microphysiological systems for human aging research

Telomeres, cellular senescence, and aging: past and future

Anti-Aging Medicine and Science: An Arena of
Conflict and Profound Societal Implications

The molecular landscape of premature aging diseases defined by multilayer network exploration

The Road to Rejuvenation

Mechanisms, pathways and strategies for rejuvenation through epigenetic reprogramming

The Information Theory of Aging

The Divide-and-Conquer Approach to Delaying Age-Related Functional Decline: Where Are We Now?

Longevity lessons

Is Immortality Possible or Is Aging Inevitable?

Editorial: DNA repair and interventions in aging

Recent Advances in Biomaterial Design for Bone Regenerative Therapy: A Mini Review

Longevity Research: Unraveling the Determinants of Healthy Aging and Longer Life Spans

Stem Cells: Anti-Aging Treatment Breakthrough in 2023?

Living to 120 is becoming an imaginable prospect

Blood biomarker profiles and exceptional longevity: comparison of centenarians and non-centenarians in a 35-year follow-up of the Swedish AMORIS cohort

Longer life span for large dogs may soon be possible with new longevity drug

Ways to Extend Your Healthy Years, Not Just Your Life

U.S. Life Expectancy Rebounds, Still Shy of Pre-Pandemic Levels

Editorial: Longevity with functionality and quality of life

Want to live to 116? The secret to longevity is less complicated than you think

By 2024, the 65-and-over age group will outnumber the youth group: new WHO report on healthy ageing

Special longevity issue of The Economist 

Social factors may predict mortality risk for older adults

Holistic care in healthy aging: Caring for the wholly and holy human

Artificial intelligence for medicine: Progress, challenges, and perspectives

Creating a New Clock with Medical Records

Crucial factors affecting longevity

What is Cellular Nutrition and How to Improve Cellular Health?

How AI can help us understand how cells work—and help cure diseases

Opinion: Changing When and How Much We Eat May Extend Healthspan

We’re living longer. Here’s how that will change retirement

Artful Ageing, Not Just Successful Ageing

8 healthy habits that may add 24 years to your lifespan

The Longevity Clinic Will See You Now—for $100,000

Older women who maintain a stable weight enjoy increased longevity

Longevity gene transferred from naked mole rats to mice shows possibility for human lifespan extension

What’s New In Longevity? With Martin O’Dea

How Long Will You Live? Most People Don’t Account for This Retirement Data

Want to live healthier longer? Visual guide shows how longevity science looks to slow diseases of aging.

One factor can determine whether you are more likely to live into your 90s or not.

‘Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones’ Review: Lessons in Longevity

How We Age—and How Scientists Are Working to Turn Back the Clock

Aging Dogs Provide Insights for Human Longevity

Gut health and its impact on immunity and ageing

Finding The Genes for Longevity in Mammals

Regenerative medicine has come a long way, baby

What is so super about ageing?

Living 120 years (and in good health), the economic hit that comes

People with the longest life span have 2 common traits – It’s not dieting or exercise

NEW STUDY: Discovery of Chemical Means to Reverse Aging and Restore Cellular Function

The million-molecule challenge: a moonshot project to rapidly advance longevity intervention discovery

Biomarkers selection and mathematical modeling in biological age estimation

How Beans, Lentils, and Veggie Burgers Keep Arnold Schwarzenegger Strong at 75

Psychological resilience and competence: key promoters of successful aging and flourishing in late life

Frontiers in aging special issue: DNA repair and interventions in aging perspective on “loss of epigenetic information as a cause of mammalian aging”

Researchers uncover new RNA-guided genome editing system

Hallmarks of Aging: Causes and Consequences

Unlocking Secrets of Youth: The Promise of Synthetic Embryo Research

Aging – What it is and how to measure it

Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity

SuperAger Initiative: unlocking the genetic potential of exceptional longevity

The top biomarkers 5 for longevity

Living Longer, Better: Understanding Longevity Literacy

Aging is associated with a systemic length-associated transcriptome imbalance

Artful Ageing, Not Just Successful Ageing

Biomarkers of ageing: Current state-of-art, challenges, and opportunities

Ageing as a software design flaw

Advances in biomarkers and diagnostic significance of organ aging

Ageing is inevitable, but we may soon treat it like any other disease

Progress in biological age research

Which Factors Influence Healthy Aging? A Lesson from the Longevity Village of Bama in China

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Senescence During Aging:From Mechanisms to Rejuvenation Strategies

Emerging frontiers in regenerative medicine

The groundbreaking promise of ‘cellular housekeeping’

Seeking consensus on the biomarkers of aging

Reverse-aging drugs might already be on the pharmacy shelves

Can ageing be cured? Scientists are giving it a try

Classifying aging as a disease could speed FDA drug approvals

Aging clocks, entropy, and the limits of age-reversal

A Drug to Treat Aging May Not Be a Pipe Dream

Loss of epigenetic information as a cause of mammalian aging

Billionaires are betting on anti-ageing research, but can ageing really be cured?

A Golden Age for Biogerontology and Geroscience Is Approaching: Our Journal Is Here to Disseminate the Best of That New Knowledge

How scientists want to make you young again

Healthy Aging: Strategies to Slow the Process

Finding Interventions That Truly Impact Aging

Longevity Campaign will crowdfund better aging for all

Lifespan News – Saving for Longevity

Many people regret not thinking in the long term.

Innovative cancer treatment device has longevity potential

The debate over whether aging is a disease rages on

Length of genes decides how long you live: Scientists say they’ve cracked secret of aging – and it could lead to ‘fountain of youth pill’

Changing healthcare forever and funding the new longevity economy

The Difference Between Lifespan and Longevity

Life Expectancy Recovers in Western Europe, And Continues to Drop in The US

Rationally-designed damage repair is key to longevity

Scientists Move Closer to Unlocking the Secrets of the Immortal Jellyfish, and Possibly Human Aging

A Doubled Gene Explains the Bowhead Whale’s Lifespan

AgeAnno: a knowledgebase of single-cell annotation of aging in human 

Centenarians consistently present a younger epigenetic age than their chronological age with four epigenetic clocks based on a small number of CpG sites

Magnitude Reveals a New Target for Aging Therapeutics

‘We have to shake things up’ – putting longevity medicine into practice

Psychological factors substantially contribute to biological aging: evidence from the aging rate in Chinese older adults

DNA clocks suggest ageing is pre-programmed in our cells

Scientists discover how cells repair longevity-promoting ‘recycling system’

Understanding the biology of aging and age-related pathologies

Social Threats to Aging Well in America: New Study Reveals Economic Instability, Loneliness, Food Insecurity as Top 3 Barriers to Senior Health

Relationship Between 5 Epigenetic Clocks, Telomere Length, and Functional Capacity Assessed in Older Adults: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses 

Healthy Lifestyle Associated with Reduced Aging Biomarkers

No limit to maximal lifespan in humans: how to beat a 122-year-old record

New “unexpected” mechanism extends life of immune system

Growing younger: Radical insights into ageing could help us reverse it

Can we live longer? And does the answer lie in Physics?

Cell senescence, rapamycin and hyperfunction theory of aging

From the Lab to the Big Screen: Longevity Hackers

Aging is already solved in vitro. What comes next?

7 science-backed habits linked to a long life

Ninety Will Be the New 40 in 10 Years’ Time

Drugs, clocks and exercise in aging: hype and hope, facts and fiction

Aging is avoidable: in this way we will be able to ‘rejuvenate’ the immune cells

Longevity in Ants Linked to Altered Insulin Signaling

The Best Workout To Slow Aging and Promote Longevity, Science Reveals

Could Facebook be associated with living longer?

Grip strength and mortality: a biomarker of ageing?

“At the cutting edge of longevity research”

Ian White: “We’re right on the precipice of fundamental changes in longevity research”

George Church: Learn from COVID and fast-track therapies that reverse aging

Aging is associated with increased chromatin accessibility and reduced polymerase pausing in liver

The landscape of aging

The relationship between epigenetic age and the hallmarks of aging in human cells

Singapore’s first Centre for Healthy Longevity aims to increase healthy lifespan by five more years

Longevity Research is an Economic Necessity

New hallmarks of ageing: a 2022 Copenhagen ageing meeting summary

Cellular senescence: the good, the bad and the unknown

Aging conundrum: A perspective for ovarian aging

Chemical reprogramming ameliorates cellular hallmarks of aging and extends lifespan

Longevity History

Hevolution Foundation announces new awards in aging biology and geroscience research

Biological aging of human body and brain systems

Animals could hide the key to human super-longevity. Here’s why

Is living up to 100 the new life expectancy?

Mechanisms of Aging

Researchers discover how cells repair structures that contribute to longevity

The landscape of aging

“Immortal jellyfish” could unlock aging clues

Scientists Move the Boundaries of Post-Mortem Recovery

Enabling revolutionary solutions for longevity

With advances in medicine, could 80 become the new 40?

New horizons in life extension, healthspan extension and exceptional longevity

Longevity: the definitive definition

Researchers discover new molecules with longevity boosting potential

High-throughput sequencing analysis of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes reveals a genetic signature of human longevity

TruDiagnostic: a new level of epigenetic testing in longevity

Longevity lessons

Development of a novel aging clock based on chromatin accessibility

Hibernation: The Extreme Lifestyle That Can Stop Aging

Keeping the beat against time: Mitochondrial fitness in the aging heart

Effectiveness of Early Time-Restricted Eating for Weight Loss, Fat Loss, and Cardiometabolic Health in Adults With Obesity: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Inflammation and epigenetic ageing are largely independent markers of biological ageing and mortality

Plasma proteome profiling of healthy individuals across the life span in a Sicilian cohort with long-lived individuals

If a Clam Can Live to 500, Why Can’t We?

FOXO3, a Resilience Gene: Impact on Lifespan, Healthspan, and Deathspan 

Lifespan can be extended during a specific time window early in life

Rejuvenation by controlled reprogramming is the latest gambit in anti-aging

Want to live for ever? Flush out your zombie cells

Old human cells rejuvenated with stem cell technology

On A Quest to Turn Back Time on Age-Related Disease

Rejuvenation biotech: Can this company make age a thing of the past

Senescent cells: an emerging target for diseases of ageing

Senolytic therapies for healthy longevity

João Pedro de Magalhães on Reprogramming and Aging Theories

Metabolic changes in aging humans: current evidence and therapeutic strategies

Yuri Deigin on Cellular Reprogramming in Humans

Reversing Aging: Epigenetic Rejuvenation

YouthBio CEO: The time is right to develop epigenetic reprogramming therapies

Nature is the world’s original pharmacy – returning to medicine’s roots could help fill drug discovery gaps

Secrets of Longevity Revealed: Scientists Find Species That Essentially Do Not Age

Lifespan News – Treating Aging in 20 Years?

Longitudinal phenotypic aging metrics in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging

The epitranscriptome in ageing and stress resistance: A systematic review

SuperAgers Initiative – discovering the science behind exceptional longevity

Analysis of Epigenetic Age Acceleration and Healthy Longevity Among Older US Women

What is your psychological age? Free online test from Hong Kong-based longevity firm gives answers and tips

Goal A: Better understand the biology of aging and its impact on the prevention, progression, and prognosis of disease and disability

Gametogenesis: Exploring an Endogenous Rejuvenation Program to Understand Cellular Aging and Quality Control

Impact of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements on mitochondria modifications in healthy aging: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Chrysea – delivering precision, healthy lifespan nutritional intervention based on credible scientific evidence

A complex systems approach to aging biology

Living in endemic area for infectious diseases accelerates epigenetic age

Healthy lifestyle and life expectancy at age 30 years in the Chinese population: an observational study

Hand in hand: intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of aging and clonal hematopoiesis

The role of extracellular vesicles in cellular senescence

Targeting the “hallmarks of aging” to slow aging and treat age-related disease: fact or fiction?

Senescent cells: an emerging target for diseases of ageing


How AI Is Changing The Healthcare System

Artificial intelligence for aging and longevity research: Recent advances and perspectives

Early data from mitochondrial transplantation study indicates longevity potential

Mitochondrial Epigenetics Regulating Inflammation in Cancer and Aging

Hacking Aging: A Strategy to Use Big Data From Medical Studies to Extend Human Life

The Hallmarks of Aging

Is Immortality Achievable?

Alcohol consumption and telomere length: Mendelian randomization clarifies alcohol’s effects

Genetic study provides new evidence that alcohol accelerates biological ageing

Drug that increases human lifespan to 200 years is in the works – Thred Website

Is ageing a disease? – The Lancet Healthy Longevity

Man cannot live longer by diet or exercise alone (

Telomere Length as a marker of biological aging: A critical review of recent literature

Antiaging Effects of Dietary Polysaccharides: Advance and Mechanisms

Longeveron – off-the-shelf longevity

Biohorology and biomarkers of aging: Current state-of-the-art, challenges and opportunities

The top 5 biomarkers for longevity

Disease or not, aging is easily treatable

Saudi Arabia plans to spend $1 billion a year discovering treatments to slow aging

Relative contributions of six lifestyle- and health-related exposures to epigenetic aging: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study | Clinical Epigenetics | Full Text (

An informed perspective on the quest for immortality

Molecular landscapes of human hippocampal immature neurons across lifespan | Nature

Cellular secrets unlocked by researchers lead to new theory for aging

Secrets of aging revealed in largest study on longevity, aging in reptiles and amphibians

Naked mole rats defy the biological law of aging

‘The elixir of youth’: Science explains how humans can live longer

Pathways that extend lifespan by 500 percent identified

Live for ever: Scientists say they’ll soon extend life ‘well beyond 120’

More Life – Decoding the Secret of Aging

A synopsis on aging—Theories, mechanisms and future prospects

Do Cancer and Cancer Treatments Accelerate Aging? | SpringerLink

Research reverses aging in human skin cells by 30 years

The Hallmarks of Aging

Longevity industry systematized for first time

Human age reversal: Fact or fiction?

Exceptional Human Longevity

What’s Your Biological Age? A New ‘Aging Clock’ Has the Answer

Achieving a 37% Younger Biological Age: My Epigenetic Clock Results

Biomarkers and ageing: The clock-watcher

Ten Astonishing Facts About Longevity

4 Surprising Facts about Longevity

Does the human lifespan have a limit?


Living to 1,000: The man who says science will soon defeat ageing

Anti-ageing pills are real, and some of us are taking them without knowing it

Can We Live Longer but Stay Younger?

Evolution of the human lifespan and diseases of aging: Roles of infection, inflammation, and nutrition

Changing your diet could add ten years to your life – new research

Jeff Bezos is looking to defy death – this is what we know about the science of ageing

Secrets to Living Longer – and Healthier

Reverse engineering longevity by studying what 100-year-olds eat

Clarifying the Hyperfunction Theory of Aging

How Optimism May Keep You Alive Longer

Hadassah Scientists Say Optimism Leads to Longevity Even After 85

Study: For those over 90, alcohol better than exercise for longevity

Want to Live to 100? Here’s What the Latest Longevity Research Says.

Secrets of longevity protein revealed in new study

Articles on Longevity

Want to live to 100? Here’s what the latest longevity research says

Stop Believing These Longevity Myths to Live a Longer, Healthier, and Happier Life

Epigenetic aging: Biological age prediction and informing a mechanistic theory of aging

The rise of rejuvenation biotech

Study team uses metabolomics to study longevity

Scientists make further inroads into reversing aging process of cells

When Is It Too Late To Reverse Aging? – Aubrey De Grey

Can You Fight Aging? Scientists Are Testing Drugs to Help!

Decoding Longevity: 3 Genes Linked to Anti-Aging

How scared of death are we really – and how does that affect us?

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National Center for Health Statistics

Coalition for Radical Life Extension


The Longevity Science Foundation

Longevity Advice

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SENS Research Foundation

The Methuselah Foundation

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The Biogerontology Research Foundation

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Josh Mitteldorf/Aging Matters

Best Longevity Blogs and Websites

Chasing Life: New Discoveries in the Search for Immortality to Help You Age Less Today

The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer

The Telomere Effect is a truly profound piece of work by two incredible minds in the field of science.  

Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love 

A New Way to Age: The Most Cutting-Edge Advances in Antiaging

A Workbook for Outlive: an Implementation Guide for Peter Attia MD’s Book – The Science and Art of Longevity: Practical Applications of Effective Life Advice

Outlive Diet Recipes: Over 60 Delicious and Healthy Recipes To Help You Live 10 Decades Younger in The Outlive Plan

Workbook: Outlive (An Interactive Guide to Peter Attai’s Book) (Health & Wellness Workbooks)

Hacking Immortality: New Realities in the Quest to Live Forever (Alice in Futureland)

Age Later: Health Span, Life Span, and the New Science of Longevity

In Ageless, Andrew Steelecharts the astounding progress science has made in recent years to secure the same for humans: to help us become old without getting frail, to live longer without ill health or disease.

The Science and Technology of Growing Young

Longevity advocate Sergey Young brings together insights from leading scientific minds to analyze the longevity landscape from two timeline perspectives.

Borrowed Time: The Science of How and Why We Age

Borrowed Time explores the subject of gerontology from multiple angles and fascinating experiments. Armstrong’s work is an excellent starting point for anyone just getting into longevity to understand the comprehensive systems that dictate aging.

Cracking the Aging Code: The New Science of Growing Old - And What It Means for Staying Young

Is there a legitimate purpose for aging, or is it just a genetic inevitability? In Cracking the Aging Code, theoretical biologist Josh Mitteldorf and ecological philosopher Dorion Sagan discuss aging from an evolutionary perspective. 

Age Later: Health Span, Life Span, and the New Science of Longevity

Growing older is a blessing. But the slow decline and the loss of functionality associated with aging has led us to treat the process like a disease. These negative effects of aging, however, are not inevitable. Rather, they’re largely the result of environmental and lifestyle factors that, when properly addressed, can be reversed through a process called Autojuvenation™.

The Science and Technology of Growing Young

New York Times bestselling author and one of the most renowned meditation teachers in our time, Ilchi Lee challenges you to radically rethink your ideas on aging, health, personal fulfillment, and what’s possible in your lifetime.

Borrowed Time: The Science of How and Why We Age

A new possibility is emerging. Breakthroughs in cutting-edge longevity, regenerative, and performance science and technology are making it possible to experience vitality, resilience, and the joy of youthfulness for the duration of your lifetime.

Cracking the Aging Code: The New Science of Growing Old - And What It Means for Staying Young

Do we have any control over how long, how healthy and how sexually active we can be during our lives? YES, WE DO! After more than 3 decades as an internist and geriatrician, I describe the ultimate formula and lifestyle changes (including diet) to prevent or diminish the kinds of diseases many of today’s adults face.

 What is next?

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This website is dedicated to all aspects of longevity with educational and inspirational purposes only. Understanding of the biological basis of aging is important since it gives us ideas on how to slow down and, possibly, even reverse the changes in our bodies leading to aging and illnesses.

We accumulate so-called positive traits of old age during our whole life, such as knowledge, experience, wisdom, empathy, and freedom. Too late! We are approaching our time to die. However, it doesn’t need to be this way.

If you have an opportunity to live active life longer without pain, disease, or cognitive decline, would you? Imagine a possibility to enjoy and watch your family growing beyond grandchildren, travel the world, realize your skills and experience in something you always wanted to do down to perfection. Sounds not bad, does it?

Well, according to science, it is quite possible!

Where do you stand on your longevity?

Definitely, when it comes to our body and mind, everyone has a right to a personal choice on how to maintain health, treat the problems, or take steps for further improvement. We defined three different levels for longevity approaches depending on your condition (perfectly healthy or have pre-existing conditions), your goal (maintain or improve your health), and the complexity of life extension methods (easy, moderate, or advanced).

Level 1 – Simple

You can choose to maintain or improve your health by easy and cheap methods such as healthy eating, herb therapy, or general supplement arrangements (vitamins, minerals, etc.). You can find information on these methods in our “What Can You Do” Category or go to the “Anti-aging methods and techniques” page.

Level 2 – Moderate

If you wish to take a step further, you may consider IV therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or extreme fasting. You can find information on these methods in our “What Can You Do” Category or go to the “Anti-aging methods and techniques” page. The cutting-edge achievements can be found on the “News & information” page.

Level 3 – Advanced

At this level, you must be totally dedicated to your longevity and target the most advanced treatments toward lifespan extension (regenerative medicine such as stem cell treatment, cartilage regeneration, platelet-rich plasma therapy, prolotherapy, etc.). Most of these methods are being used now and show even greater promise for the future. “News & information” page.

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