Support Your Immune System with Elixir of Youth From Rosehip

Mar 14, 2022Boost Your Immune System

Within a week of taking this elixir, you will feel a tremendous surge of strength and energy. It will also boost your immune system and improve your health and longevity.

The immune system protects us from outside invaders. These include germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins (chemicals made by microbes). The immune system comprises different organs, cells, and proteins that work together. There are 2 main parts of the immune system: the innate immune system (we are born with it) and the adaptive immune system (we develop it when our body is exposed to microbes or chemicals released by microbes). When the innate immune system recognizes an invader, it immediately goes into action. The cells of this immune system surround and cover the invader. The invader is killed inside the immune system cells (called phagocytes). With help from the innate system, the acquired immune system makes special proteins (called antibodies) to protect your body from a specific invader.

Boost your immune system

The well-being of a person directly depends on the collaborative work of all body systems. Immunity protects the body from the effects of pathogens, fungi, and viruses but often fails for a number of reasons. Stress, low physical activity, improper lifestyle, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, and seasonal phenomena lead to the fact that the body ceases to fight pathogenic bacteria.

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In our recent post, you can find information on how to recognize that your immune system is in trouble and need help.

The role of vitamins

Vitamins are biologically active substances with a small molecular weight. They are necessary for a person to maintain metabolic processes. Vitamins are involved in biochemical reactions occurring in cells and act as catalysts or coenzymes. Their role is to accelerate or sustain the reaction rate between other substances. Therefore, protein synthesis and the production of many cell components depend on their presence. If a person does not receive the right amount of vitamins, proteins become less, and these functions are impaired. Thus, vitamins affect the immune system, especially vitamins A and D.

Why does hypovitaminosis occur?

The deficiency of vitamins is called hypovitaminosis, and the complete absence of the desired substance is avitaminosis. These conditions occur with insufficient intake or with an increased need of the body for biologically active substances.

Hypovitaminosis can occur with malnutrition due to a lack of vegetables and fruits in the diet. Immunity suffers in people who adhere to a mono diet for a long time and limit the use of certain food groups. Not everyone takes into account the change in the need for vitamins with a certain diet. With a higher amount of protein containing food on the menu, you need to increase the consmption of vitamin B6, adhere to vegetarianism, and take vitamin B12. Otherwise, the immune system will fail, leading to the development of sicknesses and diseases. The symptoms of hypovitaminosis depend on the type of missing vitamin or vitamins, while there are some common signs of vitamin deficiency. Usually, doctors prescribe drugs or supplements to increase immunity.

A properly functioning immune system will do its best to protect you. Nevertheless, there are many ways to support or boost your immunity, including vitamins by supplement arrangements or particular food sources. It is worth mentioning that boosting your immune system is a bit harder to accomplish than you may thinkReplacing bad health habits with good ones can help keep your immune system healthy.

Moreover, the revival recipe provided below may substantially help you in this task.

Boost your immune system

Elixir of youth from rosehip

While rosehip is often considered a good source of vitamin C, the processing and drying of the plant actually destroy most of it. The youth elixir is made from raw petals and fruits, preserving vitamin C for maximum effect. Besides being rich in vitamin C, other natural chemicals found in rosehip may be helpful for a variety of health conditions. Rose hips are safe for consumption and known to be used in liquors, supplements, and various therapeutic applications. One of the most popular ways is to make tea with a number of health benefits.

However, the processing and drying of the plant and fruits actually destroy most of the vitamin C in them. The youth elixir is made from raw petals and fruits conserving vitamin C for maximum effect. Moreover, it is made with honey, which has its own health benefits.

Within a week after taking this elixir of youth, you will feel a tremendous surge of strength and energy. It will boost your immune system and improve body health.

In spring, when the rose hips bloom, collect approximately a glass of petals. Wash freshly collected petals with cold water, and place them in layers in a pre-sterilized jar pouring honey between each layer of petals. Closed the jar with a lid and put it in the refrigerator for 1 month. In a month, the elixir of youth is ready.

In fall, prepare such an elixir from the fruits. Clean the hips from the seeds, grind very finely, mix with honey, and place in a jar with a lid. Place it in the refrigerator for 1 month. In a month, the elixir of youth is ready.

Consume 1 tsp of the elixir with tea 3 times a day for about a month. In spring, petals of apple blossoms can be added that will improve the quality of the elixir.

Interesting facts about rose hips

  • Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant.
  • Today there are about 400 known species of rose hips. But the number of rosehip varieties ranges from 10,000 to 50,000.
  • The lifespan of a dog rose is approximately 30-50 years. However, the age of some species can reach several centuries, representing not shrubs, but whole trees.
  • The largest rose hip, Banks rose, grows in the US state of Arizona. Today the plant covers an area of ​​740 m². In spring, up to 200,000 flowers bloom on it.
  • Rosehip seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the rose plant. This oil is recommended to be mixed with other products or intense essential oils due to its thin consistency and high skin-absorbing properties.
  • The petals of the same rose hips also contain a large amount of essential oil, which has an astringent, bactericidal, and anti-inflammatory effect.

Road to a bite of rosehip: A comprehensive review of bioactive compounds, biological activities, and industrial applications of fruits

Therapeutic Applications of Rose Hips from Different Rosa Species

Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity in the Fruit of Rosehip (Rosa canina L. and Rosa rubiginosa L.)

Rosehip An evidence based herbal medicine for inflammation and arthritis

Rose hips nutrients

Rose hips provide a powerful punch of minerals, vitamins, essential nutrients, and organic compounds, most of which are in edible seeds. A 100 g serving of wild rose hips provides:

    • Dietary fiber: 96% of the Daily Value  (DV)
    • Protein: 3% of the DV
    • Vitamin C: 710% of the DV
    • Vitamin A: 87% of the DV
    • Vitamin K: 32% of the DV
    • Vitamin E: 6% of the DV
    • Vitamin B6: 4% of the DV
    • Riboflavin (V2): 10% of the DV 
    • Calcium: 17% of the DV
    • Manganese: 51% of the DV
    • Magnesium: 17% of the DV
    • Potassium: 12% of the DV
    • Iron: 6% of the DV
    • Copper: 6% of the DV
    • Phosphorus: 6% of the DV
    • Zinc: 2% of the DV
    Rose hips also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are essential for eye health, lycopene (antioxidant), choline, betaine, and 7% of DV of niacin (NAD+ precursor).
    Rose hips get their red-orange color from carotenoid pigments known as lycopene and beta-carotene. These pigments have also been shown to promote eye health as well as skin health.

    However, the nutrient content of rose hips largely depends on soil and growing conditions, processing techniques, and the specific features of species.

    Health benefits of rose hips

    Rosehip (Rosa canina L.) is one of the oldest plants. There is evidence that humans used it in prehistoric times. Healers and nutritionists have long known about the powerful health benefits of using these berries to make rosehip tea to protect against illness and keep the whole body strong. Like many other herbs, rosehips have a long history of use.  

    The ancient Chinese, Persians, Romans, and Greeks all appreciated the benefits of the fruit, sometimes called a hip or a haw. Many American Indian tribes used rose hip tea or syrup to treat respiratory infections.

    During World War II, when military blockades prevented fresh food shipments from reaching the island of Britain and Vitamin C deficiency was a major concern, the government used rosehips to make a supplemental dietary syrup.

    Due to their unique content of valuable microconstituents (vitamins, minerals, and compounds), rose hips are extremely effective in treating a wide variety of health conditions.

    From old books on medicinal plants and healing herbs, you can find out that rosehip tea improves the urinary tract. Dried fruit of the rosehip is recommended for problems caused by kidney stones.

    Consuming rose hips may boost heart health by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. A little over 300 g of rose hips provides a daily value of vitamin K, which is believed to prevent calcium from being deposited in your arteries.

    In a new study, the extract from rose hips significantly reduced the growth and migration of cells from a type of breast cancer known as triple negative. This particularly aggressive form of cancer does not respond to most available treatments.

    Rose hips have been studied as a potential fat-loss aid for healthy weight loss. In a 12-week study of 32 people, taking a 100-mg rosehip tablet each day significantly decreased abdominal fat compared with the control group. The authors attributed this effect to one of the rose hip antioxidants that may increase fat metabolism.

    The rosehip is also a popular traditional food of northern Europe. The fruit is used in various product forms, including syrup, tea, jam, preserves, sauces, and wine (some recipes are here). 

    The two easiest ways to tap into the benefits of these berries are to make an infusion or decoction.

    • Infusion: Take about 300 g of rose hips, rinse them with water, then put them in a thermos or other dish and pour boiling water. Leave on for a couple of hours and let steep. When it is ready, filter or simply drain without fruit. Drink in a dosed manner throughout the day.
    • Decoction: It is also prepared from the berries; only this time, put them into the pan and pour with one liter of water. Turn on the low heat and cook until it boils. Let the liquid stand for 40 min. It is recommended to drink the decoction in small portions throughout the day, focusing on your own feelings of the therapeutic effect.

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