Find your own way towards longevity and well-being with AI or….without!

We are longevity concept enthusiasts. For years we have been collecting and using knowledge accumulated by generations (revival recipes) as well as modern scientific achievements to live healthy life longer. Our journey towards longevity started more than 15 years ago. We believe that death is not absolute and can be postponed.

And then, in 2020… we suddenly entered the era of AI! Well, it is not like AI appeared from nowhere. It has been with us since 1940s. In 2020, it became publicly available and now it is revolusionizing all aspects of our life including longevity.

The opportunity to live in a time of incredible technological advances in all areas of our existence is a gift. Look how life has changed even over the past 50 years! What will the future bring us? Honestly, it is hard to imagine. But we want to see it. We want to witness the transition of our world into a highly technologically developed civilization. All we need is to live longer.

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How it started

We always knew that supporting our bodies is essential if we want to live an active life without pain and sicknesses. Supplement arrangements, healthy food, support from revival recipes, and herb therapy were (and are) part of our routine.

The real renovation came from a random event when we got our first issue of Life Extension magazine. We do not know why it was sent to us (maybe, a result of a Google search on healthy options). But, it got our full attention. It gave us access to the best nutritional products that science can offer and helped us learn about our body’s unique needs by accessing groundbreaking information about the science of wellness. But it is not all.

In one of the magazine issues from 2016, there was information on RAADFest, the largest annual event in the world focused on super-longevity. Organized by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, it has been run every year since 2016. Unfortunately, we missed the opportunity to attend the first one in 2016, but we did not miss any since then. Although, the 2020 and 2021 conferences were online only because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bringing together science, inspiration, entertainment, and fun, RAADfest is more than just a conference – it’s where the super longevity community comes together. Top scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world address every aspect of radical life extension, from nutrition and new gene therapies, to the power of personal intention, the sociology of immortality, and advancement in artificial intelligence. Access to all this information helped us tune up our goals and methods to maintain our health and prolong our lives.

One thing that we noticed at RAADFest events was a high percentage of attendees with pre-existing conditions who were looking for a cure. If you are looking for a radical solution for your health restoration, this is the place to be. You will not only have access to products from quality brands, to the latest news on medicines and treatments, but also you can get personal consultations with specialists.

What we do to upkeep our health

Somewhere on our way to healthy life improvement, we happened to learn about nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, known as NAD or NAD+. It is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body, and it’s involved in hundreds of metabolic processes. But NAD+ levels decline with age. NAD has two general sets of reactions in the human body: helping turn nutrients into energy as a key player in metabolism and working as a helper molecule for proteins that regulate other cellular functions. These processes are incredibly important. It took nearly 20 years for NAD recognition since Harden shared the 1929 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Hans von Euler-Chelpin for their work on fermentation. Recently, NAD has become a prized molecule in scientific research because of its central role in biological functions. A human study from 2017, conducted by Elysium Health, found that daily doses of a NAD precursor increased NAD levels by 40 percent on average.

We started to take NAD supplements in 2017. Our first experience was with shots and patches we bought at RAADFest in San Diego. Honestly, patched didn’t do anything for us while we got a strong effect from the shots. A long story short, we applied one short a day for two days. On the first day, after the conference, we went on our feet to the San Diego Zoo (about 4 hours of walking). On the second day, we walked to Mission Beach (about 5 hours walking). On both days, when we got back, we still felt full of energy, with no exhaustion or any pain. That was our starting point for routine NAD treatments. Nowadays, we use NAD as a part of our monthly IV therapy to boost our immune systems and support body functionality.

Our IV treatments also include glutathione, the quintessential antioxidant defense system naturally produced in our bodies. When a cell is deficient in glutathione, it cannot function properly. Optionally, we include vitamins and minerals. Currently, we do our treatments at the Hydrate Bar in Eugene, OR. You can find information on various IV treatments and their benefits on their website.

In the meantime, we were getting deeper and deeper into herb therapy and revival recipe usage. We started this website to share our knowledge, recipes, sources, applications, and many more.

And now, we are diving into an exiting world of Artificial Intelligence with it’s incredible capabilities and endless opportunities!

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