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Do you want to retain and support your health for years to come? Do you want to live a healthy life longer? Are you concerned about your longevity due to pre-existing conditions?

Here you can find solutions that might fit your goals.

We accumulate so-called positive traits of old age during our whole life, such as knowledge, experience, wisdom, empathy, and freedom, which finally start to provide benefits. Too late! Unfortunately, we are already approaching our time to die. However, it doesn’t need to be this way.

If you have an opportunity to live active life longer without pain, disease, or cognitive decline, would you? Imagine the possibility of enjoying and watching your family grow beyond grandchildren, travel the world, and realize your skills and experience in something you always wanted to do down to perfection. Sounds not bad, does it?

Well, according to science, it is quite possible!

This website is dedicated to all aspects of longevity with educational and inspirational purposes only. Understanding the biological basis of aging is important since it gives us ideas on how to slow down and, possibly, even reverse the changes in our bodies leading to aging and illnesses.

There is a vast amount of unused medical knowledge that we could take advantage of right now to optimize our health and well-being. Here you will find information on how to boost your immune system, detox and heal your organs, lose weight, and much more. We are accumulating, evaluating and delivering to you practical advices on utilization of most advanced approaches for longevity based on scientific discoveries, research trials, and knowledge accumulated by generations.

Since a search for such information, evaluation of benefits and safety, and display in an easy readable format takes a lot of time and efforts, we are asking for a small support through Patreon. That will keep us going! Thanks.

The science behind longevity – why it is real

In general, longevity is defined as the capability to survive past the average age of death. It is a known fact that the world population’s life expectancy increased from 47 years in 1950 to 73.2 years in 2020. Obviously, it relates to vast improvements in healthcare and lifestyle as well as many factors that include but are not limited to adequate treatment of drinking water, food inspection, understanding of nutrition, etc. Did we hit the limit? Scientists don’t think so.

Research from the Stanford Center on Longevity suggests that people born between 1965 and 1980 (Generation X) are expected to live 20-30 years longer than previous generations. A 45-year-old woman living today in excellent health has a 20% chance of living to 100, and a 45-year-old man in excellent health has an 11% chance of living to 100.

However, projections of future mortality change and increase in life expectancy vary considerably because they are based on very different assumptions. Some projections are based on short-run trends, some on long-run trends, some on period factors, some on cohort factors, and some make assumptions about medical and scientific progress.

However, it is important to understand that when we talk about longevity, it is not only about how long people live but, more importantly, how long they live being healthy!

The aging process, also known as senescence, involves the gradual decline in vitality as a result of deterioration of physiological and biochemical functions, which subsequently leads to increased morbidity and mortality. However, it was noticed that while all organisms age, some age slower than others. It became a driving force for the fundamental research of underlying factors that contribute to variation in aging processes across species, as well as to potential interventions to extend lifespan in humans.

Nowadays, the science of biological aging research called Biogerontology gained its scientific repute by converging its evolutionary, physiological, biochemical, and molecular description and understanding. By the way, the process is quite complicated. How complicated? Well, look at the network model for systems biology of human aging developed by John Furber!

Gordon Lithgow, PhD, Professor and Vice President, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, stated that “Aging and disease stem from common mechanisms. Delaying disease by delaying the aging process is a real proposition.” 

So far, it was identified 9 cellular central tenets of aging, or Hallmarks of aging. They are telomere attrition, genomic instability, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, epigenetic alterations, and altered intercellular communication.

Surprisingly, it appears out that only around 20% of how long we survive is determined by our genes, with the remaining 80% determined by our lifestyles factors. This implies that we already have tremendous influence and command regarding our health in terms of averting chronic illnesses and extending our lives.

Many scientific institutions and research groups are working hard to “hack the code of life” and push the human lifespan far behind 100. According to the “World Anti-Aging & Longevity Complementary and Alternative Medicine Market Report 2022,” the global complementary and alternative medicine for anti-aging and longevity market size is expected to reach USD 182.9 billion by 2028. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 22.2% from 2021 to 2028. In 2013, Aging Analytics Agency was founded, which is the only analytical company focused exclusively on the topics of Ageing, Geroscience and Longevity. 

Actually, new publications related to longevity, anti-aging, and related subjects are published on a daily basis. From new drugs and supplements, new therapies and treatments, to advanced methods of regenerative medicine and technology.

Moreover, online courses for physicians, researchers, and everyone that is interested in longevity medicine help to learn more about AI-guided medicine, fundamentals, and recent advances in aging research, from biomarkers and aging clocks to clinically available geroprotectors!

We will keep you informed on the latest and most significant scientific discoveries and achievements, as well as information on available resources with a practical use for you.

Where do you stand on your longevity?

When it comes to our body and mind, everyone has a right to a personal choice on how to maintain health, treat the problems, or take steps for further improvement. We defined three different levels for longevity approaches depending on your condition (perfectly healthy or have pre-existing conditions), your goal (maintain or improve your health), and the complexity of life extension methods (easy, moderate, or advanced).

Level 1 – Simple

You can choose to maintain or improve your health by easy and cheap methods such as healthy eating, herb therapy, or general supplement arrangements (vitamins, minerals, etc.). You can find information on how to boost your immune system, detox and heal your organs, lose weight, and prolong your life in the corresponding posts and categories.

Level 2 – Moderate

If you wish to take a step further, you may consider IV therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, or extreme fasting. You can find information on these methods in the “Anti-Aging Treatments” post. The cutting-edge achievements can be found in our “Journal and Web Publications” post.

Level 3 – Advanced

At this level, you must be totally dedicated to your longevity and target the most advanced treatments toward lifespan extension (regenerative medicine such as stem cell treatment, cartilage regeneration, platelet-rich plasma therapy, prolotherapy, etc.). Most of these methods are being used now and show even greater promise for the future. You can find information on these methods in the “Anti-Aging Treatments” post. The cutting-edge achievements can be found in our “Journal and Web Publications” post.

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